Aoife Claffey is an Irish installation artist who is currently undertaking an MA in Art & Process in the Crawford College of Art and Design.
Graduating in 2019 with a First Class Honours Degree (BA Hons) in Fine Art in the Crawford College of Art and Design

Artist Statement

In today’s world, rapid developments in transportation, communication and media are seen as progressive, however they have also exacerbated the fracturing and destabilising of society. There is a sense that we have not advanced in some areas. Instability and constant change appear to

accelerate as societal structures dissolve.

My work examines Irish transportation systems and locations and utilises associated materials and objects to explore how global capitalism continues to consume us. In a world of disposable objects the relationship binding humans to them has become increasingly tenuous, and the ontological status of material things are reduced to either pure sensory stimulation or hallucination on identity.

I am interested in exploring human sensory perception within an immersive environment. Reflective and translucent objects shift, and transparent layers of imagery and sound transform unexpectedly each time the work is experienced. By manipulating the physical properties of sound and vision I aim to provide an ambiguous space for the viewer to recall the peripheral, a space that is in the midst of current, perpetual transformation; a non-space.

During the process of making I often allow activity to go beyond (transcend) my control. Physiological and psychological tension between chaos and order are encouraged both during the making, and within the work, to evoke uncanny effect or altered cognitive states. Using projection, found objects, motors and surround sound as agents for political and social change I hope to communicate the idea that history has a tendency of repeating itself if regulations are not put into place. My installations aim to critique social and political systems by encompassing notions of unpredictability, fragility and movement.


Cork City, Co. Cork, Ireland

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